I had a little rant about IE, now it's Firefox's turn.

The background to this is this very site: my personal website. I was having a problem on both the home page and on the tech container page, the only two pages with two columns. About one time in three, the page would render perfectly. The rest of the time, the layout was badly corrupted. I had no such problem in MSIE (where I had a different problem) or in Opera.

So What Was Wrong

I use multiple alternate stylesheets for this site. In Firefox, View -> Page Style allows you to pick one other than the default.

With my setup, if the default stylesheet is not listed first, before the alternate stylesheets, the two-column layout gets corrupted. Very subtle. Very nasty.

Filing a Bug Report

So, dutifully, I went to file a Firefox bug report, and saw this:

“There are four crucial steps that you should follow before filing your first bug report:

  1. Use the latest nightly build of Firefox with a new profile
  2. Determine which product has the bug
  3. Check if the bug is already filed
  4. Finally, read the official Bug Writing Guidelines”

I just spent a couple of frustrating days finding this damn bug, and now they want me to spend another one doing all that crap? I was expecting to find instructions on how to file a bug report— but I found an f**king obstacle course!

There is one crucial step that they should follow: kiss my shiny white ass. Don't get me wrong, Firefox is great and it's nice to have a free, open-source browser that aims for standards compliance. I appreciate it. Really. But it's just way too much of a PITA to be bothered filing a bug report when I have an effective workaround. Sorry.